Fashion Trends Of The Sixties

Every decade is known to have its own distinctive identity. It can come from different sources. One of them is through fashion. Each decade of fashion usually comes with its own distinctive flavor. There are certain trends that took off and became popular with the rest of the world. Here are some of them that came out quite fittingly in the 1960’s.

Tie Dye Shirts

Those psychedelic colored t-shirts with round swirls for designs became popular during the 60’s. the concept behind it is that dye will only penetrate loose fabric. This is a simple yet interesting way to create designs with fabrics. This process has been known as the tie dye and has been an ancient art craft of dyeing. The hippies of the 60’s simply revived the craft and it took off and became a part of the 60’s trend.

Afro Look

With the civil rights movement focusing on African Americans during the 60’s, the Afro look also became the hairdo of choice. It became a popular and trendy look for many people during this decade. Even the girls chose the Afro as it became popular and was not just limited to the boys.

Bellbottomed Pants

Bellbottoms also became a popular style during the 60’s. The pants with the wide-legged bottom became a fashion statement during this decade when celebrities like Elvis Presley, Sonny and Cher wore it. Soon the hippie crowd followed on the trend and it became a fashion fixture even until the next decade, the 1970’s.

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