The Ford Mustang

When it comes to automobiles, nothing defines the 1960’s more than the Ford Mustang. An icon in design, the Ford Mustang is one of those automobiles that people can recognize when they see it. The car was first introduced into the market in 1964. It was the first automobile that introduced a new pony car class in the market, which characterized the new affordable and highly-stylized compact cars with that sporty look.

The initial design for the Ford Mustang was chosen from a design competition held within the different departments of Ford. Eventually, the winning design came from the team of Lincoln-Mercury design studio. Development of the car only took two years from design to introduction into the market, considered as fast for a new car model. In order to do that as well as cut developmental costs, Ford used some of the Mustang’s components from existing car models such as the Falcon and the Fairlane.

At the time it was introduced, the Ford Mustang became quite in demand based on its sleek design and affordable pricing. Although the first Mustang model was designed as a compact car, its popularity soon led to design improvements that made it bigger and better in terms of performance. For the class if cars it introduced, the Ford Mustang brought in other car manufacturers to design and build their own version of the pony car. But nothing did better in the 1960’s than the Ford Mustang. It eventually became somewhat of a symbol to signify cars during the 1960’s.