Nuclear Fallout Shelters

While the threat of a nuclear war has scared a lot of people since the second world war, it wasn’t until the early 1960’s that concern for a nuclear fallout as a result of possible war that people started to think about fallout shelters. These are shelters that aim to protect families and other people from imminent danger in case of a nuclear war. They are usually built underground and with thick walls that can protect those inside from radiation in the event of a nuclear blast. The bunker can also hold items and rations that will allow people to survive in case a nuclear war do happen.

Such concerns were at its height during the presidency of John Kennedy at the beginning of the 60’s. there were situations such as the building of the Berlin Wall as well as the Bay of Pigs incident in Cuba that made people increasingly scared of an imminent threat of a nuclear war with other countries like the USSR. People started to build up nuclear fallout shelters in their backyard to prepare for such incidents. This continued until the mid 1960’s with the tension between the US and the USSR wasn’t simmering down. The uncertainties let to paranoia that in turn led to the popularity of the nuclear fallout shelters.

But then by the mid-60’s, arms control talks between nuclear superpowers were conducted, which released some of the tension. It further eased when the limited nuclear test ban proceeded. People heaved a sigh of relief that by the end of the 60’s, the nuclear fallout shelters began to lose appeal as people had hope for peace in the world.