The British invasion of the 60’s

Although some from the younger generations may mistake it for something involving war, the British Invasion of the 60’s is anything but that. It did not involve the military or the conquest of countries in the name of the British crown. It is better known as the time when British bands and other pop acts took the US public by storm and became part of the American musical consciousness during the mid-60’s.

Its Origins
During the late 1950’s the rebellious image and flavor of US rock and roll and blues music reached UK shores and captured the imagination of the British youth. Many British bands tried to emulate and also combine the American musical styles with British music. Although the initial attempts failed, the process gradually evolved until this combined brand of musical style began to top the music charts.

On the other side of the pond, US youths are growing tired of the pop acts that pervade during that time. Many were slowly opening up to the music coming from the UK, starting in the early 1960’s. But it wasn’t until The Beatles visited the US that the invasion started.

The early 60’s launched the careers of the phenomenal UK band The Beatles. When it was formed in 1960 by¬† John Lennon together with Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. By 1962, the band had become the most popular pop act in the UK. Their popularity spread in 1963 when US media outlets began to report about the pop craze that is taking UK by storm. Soon enough, Beatlemania was taking over the airwaves. American teens were trying to get hold of Beatle albums, which were not yet made available in the US.

Other British Bands Followed
The high demand eventually caught the attention of other British acts and were soon also heading to the US as part of the invasion. British bands such as the Rolling Stones, the Animals, the Dave Clark Five and the Yardbirds soon became known in the US music scene. There was a time in 1965 at the height of the British invasion that the weekly Top 10 was dominated by British acts. This dominance went on until 1967 when the invasion somehow slowly waned in favor of a worldwide rock music style that has begun to get some traction.